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Motor-CAD IM EMag

Motor-CAD is the unique software package dedicated to the electromagnetic performance of motors and generators and the optimisation of their cooling.

The new Motor-CAD IM-EMag module works with the existing Motor-CAD thermal design modules for induction machines (IM), enabling motor designers to produce optimum designs for performance, energy efficiency, size and cost reduction. Motor-CAD makes the best use of the latest modelling techniques to provide the fast and accurate analysis tool for machine designers.

Motor-CAD has a user friendly interface that allows the user to enter the geometry, winding data, control strategy, materials and cooling details. The standard industrial tests for induction machines are modelled as electromagnetic performance tests that take into account the thermal aspects of the machine.

IM Radial Cross Section

Motor-CAD supports a wide range of machine types and has a comprehensive range of cooling options available.

Motor-CAD provides the ability to quickly and easily perform electromagnetic performance tests on prototype designs. Accurate electromagnetic and thermal calculations can be done in seconds. The results are presented in an easy to understand form for analysis to allow design decisions to be taken in an efficient manner.

IM Flux Density Shading

IM Winding Editor

IM Steady State Torque Results

IM TransientTorqueResults

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