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New Link between Motor-CAD and Ansys Maxwell Model  

A new link between Motor-CAD and ANSYS Electronics Desktop (Maxwell) is available. With this link it is possible to automatically export a Motor-CAD model to ANSYS Maxwell. Motor-CAD automatically generates the model in ANSYS Maxwell which defines geometry, winding and material properties, within a few seconds.

This new feature creates a highly efficient workflow for users and makes the process of defining a model extremely fast and straightforward. The next development of this link will utilise Motor-CAD’s powerful winding and conductor editor to automatically set-up advanced AC loss calculations in ANSYS.




Award for Giuseppe Volpe

Giuseppe Volpe, the PhD student we currently fund at the University of Cassino & Southern Latium, has recently been presented with the Gianni D’Angelo prize for the most outstanding thesis at the University. The award was presented by the Rector of the “University of Cassino and Southern Latium” and the Education Lead of Microsoft Italia. The thesis was based on work he did at MDL as an Erasmus student – the reverse engineering of an electric vehicle motor and tests of a charging station. Currently, Giuseppe is working on electro-magnetic losses in permanent magnet machines and is based between the University of Cassino and Southern Latium and the MDL UK headquarters.


Welcome to Erasmus Students

MDL warmly welcomes two new Erasmus Students for a 3 month placement. Pietro Parisi and Salvatore Di Russo have joined us from the University of Cassino and Southern Latium. Their work is focusing on the cooling of electrical machines..


Erasmus students Salvatore and Petro (left), and Giuseppe Volpe being presented with his award (right)


Upcoming Event

6th-8th April, 11th International Conference on Ecological Vehicles & Renewable Energies (EVER), Monaco

Attended by Eddie Chong and Sabrina Ayat. Eddie Chong is presenting on 'Thermal Design of Magnet-Free Axial-Flux Switch Reluctance Motors for Automotive Applications'. Sabrina Ayat is presenting on 'Experiment Informed Methodology for Thermal Design of Permanent Magnet Machines'.

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