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ICEM 2014 - Tutorial on Electric Motor Cooling

2nd September (2.30pm - 6.30pm), Berlin, Germany


There is currently an increasing demand for higher powered, smaller, lighter and more efficient electric motors and generators. In view of this, the cooling system design and the development of reliable thermal models that can be used to model the heat transfer in the electrical machine are becoming more important. The use of thermal models allows designers and users to investigate and optimise new cooling strategies in order to be certain that their solution will not suffer from thermal problems.


During the tutorial we will review the different methods available for modelling heat transfer, flow and losses in electric machines. The use of analytical thermal methods is increasing due to the growing market for green energy and electric applications such as hybrid and electric vehicles. Often, such devices operate with long and complex duty cycle loads that are almost impossible to model within a reasonable calculation time using numerical methods. Numerical methods are more useful for calibration of the more complex cooling paths in the analytical cooling circuit models.


The tutorial also gives an overview of the benefits and limitations of the different cooling types available and gives examples of how thermal analysis has been used to optimise several electric machine designs for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.


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