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FE-Therm Module

Motor-CAD uses powerful analytical methods to calculate the performance of electric machines and cooling systems.

MDL's FE-Therm add-on module provides increased detail on conduction heat transfer in various components. For example this allows visualisation of the hotspot in the winding.

It can be used to analyse conduction heat transfer for complex geometries such as multi-layer interior magnet motor rotors.

FE-Therm can be used to calibrate analytical lumped circuit models, thus improving accuracy.

It is fully automated and takes only a few seconds to calculate.

This image shows an automatic model generation with detailed conductor mesh:

The image below is a form wound machine showing the winding hotspot:

This shows slot water jacket cooling with two cooling ducts inside the slot:

This shows magnet losses impacting on temperatures:

The features in the FE-Therm module allow for a full 3D model of the machine to be generated with results as shown here:

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