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Portunus® is a system simulation software which distinguishes itself by providing several system description modelling methods, a user friendly interface, the combination of powerful numerical algorithms and interfaces for programming, automation and the import and export of data.

Possible applications of Portunus® range from simulations of electrical and energy systems, power electronics and drives, thermal calculations, investigations of magnetic circuits up to control systems.

The models and description options available in Portunus® allow for easy linking of different physical domains. For example, electro-thermal simulations may be run to find out the heating of power transistors, or electro-magnetic simulations for modelling steady-state or a given load cycle of electrical machines. With the combination of electrical, magnetic and mechanical components, the interaction inside actuators may be simulated. The control algorithms used by the systems may be easily integrated into the model.

Portunus is an Adapted Solutions product and is distributed by Motor Design Ltd in the UK.

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