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SPEED - Software for Electric Machine Design and Analysis

  • Coupled with Motor-CAD, SPEED is the ideal tool for characterizing almost all main classes of electric machines and drives
  • Fast but approximate initial design within minutes
  • Problem analysis, product characterization and design optimation after calibrating
  • Embedded finite-element solver, such as PC-FEA for key problems and electromagnetic finite-element analysis
  • Global support for more than 1.000 users worldwide
  • Ideal training tool as shown in the new book 'Electric Machine Design using SPEED and Motor-CAD' By TJE Miller and DA Staton

SPEED is a specialized analysis tool for the design of electric machines such as motors, generators and alternators including the drive with inverters and their control. It was originally developed at the SPEED Lab at the University of Glasgow with MDL's own experts, Dr Dave Staton and Dr Mircea Popescu, instrumental in its development. SPEED now has 1500+ international users, including leading manufacturers, designers, developers and users of electric machines.

Please click here for more information about SPEED.

Click here for information about our book 'Electric Machine Design using SPEED and Motor-CAD', by Prof T.J.E. Miller & Dr D.A. Staton.

SPEED is a CD-adapco product. It is distributed by MDL in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

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